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Welcome to NSA Kentucky!

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the National Speakers Association Kentucky Chapter where you will find valuable resources, exceptional events, and access to a generous community of professional speakers.

Our Chapter’s Exceptional History
NSA Kentucky is not a large chapter, but the quality of our membership is superb. The NSA Kentucky chapter is home to 10+ Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs), multiple CPAE Hall of Fame recipients, two National NSA Past-Presidents, and two Cavett Award recipients – our profession’s most cherished honor. Our chapter is bursting with talent and success, and we want you to be a part of it!

An Inclusive and Welcoming Community
We welcome friends and guests to join our events so they can get a sense of what professional speaking is all about. In 2018, we began outreach to NSA members in Tennessee and Indiana since there are no chapter for our neighbors to the north and south of Kentucky. We added “ambassadors” from Tennessee and Indiana to join our board of directors so we can stay connected and serve speakers outside Kentucky. You’re welcome here, and we hope to see you at our next NSA Kentucky chapter event.

Access to Expertise & Exposure to Excellence
This is your community for expertise in the speaking profession. Whether you are running a successful speaking business or just getting started, you’ll find great content, guidance, and resources in our programs and with chapter members. We bring speaker experts from near and far to make sure our chapter members experience the best and brightest in the speaking industry. Join us to explore and master the speaking profession in the areas of ethical practices, eloquence from the platform, expertise in your content area, and enterprise in your speaking business

Support for Members
In addition to authentic networking with rock star speakers at our chapter events, you will experience support as you learn and grow in the speaking profession.

We have a first class, all virtual, Pro-Speaker Academy where you can accelerate your speaking business and create a fast-track to become a professional member of the National Speakers Association. It’s a perfect solution for authors, salespeople, trainers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who want to become even better speakers.

We offer a variety of workshops, speaker showcases, webinars, and special events throughout the year. We have a mix of virtual and in-person events to meet your needs. We expanded our chapter offerings and experiences to engage members and guests anywhere in the world.

I encourage you to attend our events, join our chapter, or renew your membership to accelerate your professional speaking journey. We’re an inclusive and welcoming community focused on excellence, access to expertise, and support for members. Please join us!

Jeff Nally
NSA Kentucky President 2019-2020