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Welcome to NSA KY!

As a 30-year member of NSA and NSA KY, I believe in this organization as a powerful support system for professional speakers. I wouldn’t have been able to begin and grow two thriving businesses without the community of like-minded professionals who want to help make this world a better place.

Small, but Mighty!

NSA Kentucky is not a large chapter, but the quality of our membership is superb. The Kentucky chapter is called home by 10+ Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs), multiple CPAE Hall of Fame recipients, two National NSA Past-Presidents, and two Cavett Award recipients – our profession’s most cherished honor. Our chapter is bursting with talent and success!

Membership Resources
In addition to networking with rock star speakers at our local chapter meetings, this year we’re lining up tremendous expertise from across the country, starting with our incoming NSA President, Dan Thurman. This coming fall and next spring, we’ll cover a plethora of strategic and tactical topics that will help you craft your perfect message, enhance your eloquence on the platform, and learn ways to grow your business to create greater profitability.

To accommodate our chapter members throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, we are offering monthly webinars called “In the Weeds”—covering nitty-gritty topics on issues as diverse as how to find the right newsletter product to how to create more effective online learning programs.

Continuing the strategy of making it easier for our members to make attendance at meetings possible, we are shifting to less frequent but longer meetings on Saturdays, offering half- and full-day programs for those traveling. We’ll also host some networking and shirtsleeves events in various cities throughout the tri-state area.

We’ll also have another robust Academy program for those new to NSA and/or the speaking business, providing you with the tools to hit the ground running!

Renew Your Membership to Shorten the Learning Curve
I encourage you to renew your membership with the NSA Kentucky chapter to shorten the learning curve and reach your goals faster! By attending our meetings regularly, building relationships across the organization, implementing the best practices learned from peers and mentors, and committing to your own professional development, success is inevitable!

Renew your commitment to personal and professional success in the speaking profession by renewing your membership in NSA Kentucky today!

Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
NSA KY President 2018-2019

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Cathy Fyock, President
Jeff Nally, President Elect
Cara Silletto, Immediate Past President

Justin Patton
Deb Clary
Bobby Ricks
Steve Haffner

Academy Member Liaison
Demetria Gilkey

Tennessee: Amber Hurdle
Indiana: Amy Waninger and Jerald Cosey

Chapter Member of the Year Award

Chapter Member of the Year Recipients

2018 – Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

2017 – Elizabeth Jeffries, CSP,CPAE, Co-Founder

2016 – Daniel Matthews

2015 – John Wagner

2014 – Stephen Boyd, CSP, PhD

2013 – Joe Bonura, CSP

2012 – Stephen Tweed, CSP

2011 – Conway Stone

2010 – Gary Montgomery

2009 – Elizabeth Jeffries, CSP, CPAE, Co-Founder

Code of Professional Ethics

To establish and maintain public confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability and integrity of the professional speaker is fundamental to the future of the National Speakers Association, its members and the profession of speaking.

To this end, members of the Association have adopted and, as a condition of membership, subscribe to the Code of Professional Ethics. By doing so, the members give notice that they recognize the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of speaking.

Members of the National Speakers Association are dedicated individuals sincerely concerned with the interest of all who come in contact with the profession. For this purpose, every NSA member subscribes to this Professional Pledge:


I pledge myself to honesty and integrity; to pursue my profession and education to the end that service to my clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.

I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honorable and cooperative association with fellow members of the Association and with all others who may become a part of my business and professional life.

I pledge myself to comply with the National Speakers Association as set forth in its Bylaws and this Code of Professional Ethics.

Article 1:
The NSA member shall accurately represent qualifications and experience in both oral and written communications.

Article 2:
The NSA member shall act and speak on a high professional level so as to neither offend nor bring discredit to the speaking profession.

Article 3:
The NSA member shall exert diligence to understand the client’s organization, approaches and goals in advance of the presentation.

Article 4:
The NSA member shall avoid using materials, titles and thematic creations originated by others, either orally or in writing.

Article 5:
The NSA member shall share knowledge and experience with others.

Article 6:
The NSA member shall treat other speakers with professional courtesy and dignity.

Article 7:
The NSA member shall limit services to those areas in which the member is qualified to serve, taking into consideration available opportunities for the member to develop new materials or undertake new fields. When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for presentations, the NSA member shall make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified speakers, agencies or bureaus.

Article 8:
The NSA member shall maintain the trust of clients, and fidelity concerning the business or personal affairs of a client, agents and other speakers who may reveal confidential information.

Article 9:
The NSA member shall protect the public against fraud or unfair practices and shall attempt to eliminate from the speaking profession all practices which bring discredit to the profession.

Article 10:
The NSA member shall not be a party to any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other speaker, client or the public, based upon economic factors, race, creed, color, sex, age, physical handicap or country of national origin of another speaker.

Article 11:
Violations of the obligations of this Code shall be determined in accordance to the Bylaws, policies and procedures of the National Speakers Association. Disciplinary actions shall be instituted by the National Speakers Association in accordance with Bylaws and Rules and Regulations established by the Association. Any such disciplinary action shall be final and binding upon the NSA member and without recourse to the Association, its officers, members or staff.