Find a Speaker

There are those who say that the most important element in a successful meeting is having the right speaker. We wholeheartedly agree! And from our perspective, the right speaker is a professional speaker.

When considering a professional speaker, you can be assured of their qualifications as they will provide you:

  • Details on the subjects they speak on
  • List of the types of presentations they give (seminar, keynote, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Outline of a presentation customized to your audience
  • References

Click below to see details on professional speakers from this chapter of NSA.

Our Speakers’ Qualifications

Our speakers must meet stringent requirements

Our NSA Kentucky speakers must conform to stringent requirements as a professional speaker in addition to signing a Professional Code of Ethics. When you hire one of our members you will find they make time to understand your audience, they do their backgrounds and deliver a program to achieve the results you are looking for. They have the necessary knowledge to make your meetings even more successful.

The NSA Kentucky Chapter follows the Professional Competencies adopted by the NSA and to be mastered by Association members.

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation is earned through a combination of professional association, professional education, professional performance and professional business management standards.